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The professionals at Business Capital Consultants understand the day to day challenges associated with running a business.  That's why your Consultant will take the time to analyze the nuances of your business, and suggest the most cost effective way to address your funding needs. Rather than simply representing those programs that are most profitable to the Brokerage, BCC provides their clients with a comprehensive road map to succeed for the near and long term. 

Just starting up your firm? No problem. Business Capital Consultants specializes in start ups, and will prepare you to be funded. Their access to SBA loans, Unsecured credit lines, Franchise/Business Acquisition lending, and 401k/IRA retirement fund tax experts (for Roll over Business Start up plans) can make what you thought to be fiction a reality.

Own an existing business that you wish to expand? Once again, your Consultant will explain your options and assist you with Business Credit Lines, Bank Loans, Receivables Factoring/financing, 'in house' client financing, Term Loans, and even Long term Lower Fee option Cash Flow (MCA/weekly ACH debit) solutions when necessary..

Business Capital Consultants program highlights:

  • Traditional Bank Loans, Credit lines, and SBA Loans
  • Franchise/Business acquisition lending
  • UNSECURED Business Credit lines to $150k (720+ FICO score) NO USE Restrictions
  • Monthly Term Loans to $500k without the hassles of a Bank Loan
  • Start up Businesses- Consulted and Funded
  • Real Estate Investment Financing programs
  • Cash Flow funding platforms to 18 months with WEEKLY (not daily account debits)
  • Funding often within 1 week of approval
  • Personalized, Professional, Concierge Level Service


After you're funded, your relationship with Business Capital Consultants has just begun. Their 25 years experience and full menu of value added financial services will empower your business to be all it can.


Business Capital Consultants: Providing Low Interest Rate Capital for your Business

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