Business Debt Consolidation

When we work with clients with liabilities that meet or exceed assets, our Business Debt Consolidation program is often their last line of defense. We negotiate with creditors to allow our clients to keep their heads above water, while working with lenders to extend the payback term with diminished debt service.

Often times more debt is the last thing a business needs...

Monthly Payment Business Loans

'Real' Business Loans with Monthly Payments

Most of the Clients Business Capital Consultants works with are Small Businesses that seek to Refinance their business debt into one affordable MONTHLY payment. Typically the clients have found themself treading water (or nearly drowning) paying back high cost Merchant Cash Advance Products. Your Consultant will assess your firms viability for a Term Loan and will either submit you to one of their Trusted Lenders or create a course of action to prepare you to apply in the future.

Business Capital Consultants makes it easy for small business owners to borrow on fair terms, giving them an opportunity to grow their businesses. Funding occurs more swiftly than traditional bank financing, and documentation requirements aren't nearly as cumbersome. Qualification and Documentation Guidelines:

Your Business Capital Consultant understands that traditional lending methods aren't available to most businesses. Their job is to help your business grow by providing you with legitimate loan programs to help your business succeed.

*Exceptions to FICO score can be made with a strong Profits, Collateral, and Revenue growth

Business Credit Lines

Turn your available assets into Capital for your Business

If your business has INVENTORY, MACHINERY, COMMERCIAL REAL ESTATE and/or RECEIVABLES, Business Capital Consultants will give you the opportunity to leverage those assets- at the most competitive price points available. All too often clients fail to realize that borrowing against something you already own can cost considerably less than Cash Flow lending solutions.

We will analyze your Balance Sheet, and recommend a path that will enhance your bottom line, ultimately allowing you to flourish and expand. Contact Business Capital Consultants today to monetize what you already have.

Commercial Real Estate Lending

Common Sense Real Estate Investment Lending

What we have discovered at Business Capital Consultants, is that while most Business owners know exactly what to do when they need a Mortgage for their home, they are challenged to know who to contact to arrange Commercial Real Estate loans that fall outside of standard Underwriting ratios and guidelines.

If you or your borrower doesn't qualify for an SBA Loan or has been turned down by the Bank, we can help! Our Direct Lender Nationwide Network will give you and your clients access to:

Call us on your next hard to place Real Estate deal... Business Capital Consultants: Bottom Line Solutions... Explained

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