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Solutions on the Balance Sheet

Solutions on the Balance Sheet As we at BCCUSA speak with existing clients during this trying time, understandably they are all filled with anxiety and share questions regarding: What will the path to reopening look like? What will the new Business landscape will look like? Since they are depleting funds-weathering the storm- how will they secure Capital to ramp up when the time arrives? While these are all spot-on concerns, we find ourselves reminding businesses that their Balance Sheet might provide more leverage to borrow than they think:  Often Businesses own Commercial Real Estate and don’t realize that they have equity to leverage it -and that there are CRE lenders that lend (with competitive rates) providing liquidity based on property value and guarantor credit (no tax returns).  Even though clients own Machinery and Equipment (and in some instances have depreciated it completely) they might be able to refinance the Equipment at bank loan rates.  Other tangible assets like Purchase Orders, Receivables and Inventory might be available to leverage to infuse Capital with low costs. Feel free to touch base @ 631-458-0100 for a free consultation about your Business BCCUSA: Here to help Businesses grow



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